Pépé M. Ekulu, Michel N. Aloni, Jérôme Harambat, Jean Robert R. Makulo, François B. Lepira, Ernest K. Sumaili, Eric M. Mafuta, Pierre Cochat, Nazaire M. Nseka
Pediatric Nephrology, First online: 01 December 2015, pp 1-4



To determine the prevalence of microalbuminuria and associated factors among Congolese human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected children.


This was a cross-sectional study in which 77 HIV-infected antiretroviral therapy-naive children and 89 uninfected controls were enrolled. Microalbuminuria was assessed using the immune-turbidimetry method, and associated factors were studied by logistic regression.


The prevalence of microalbuminuria was 18% in the HIV-infected children and 2% in the HIV-uninfected children. No common determinants of proteinuria were significantly associated with microalbuminuria.


Microalbuminuria HIV DR Congo Antiretroviral therapy Cross-sectional study Proteinuria Kinshasa