N’tita I, Mulanga K, Dulat C, Lusamba D, Rehle T, Korte R, Jäger H

Projet ‘Appui à la Lutte Contre le SIDA’, Kinshasa, Zaire

AIDS. 1991 Apr;5(4):437-9.

Between 5 March and 12 April 1990, we assessed transfusion practices and the risk of transfusion-associated HIV transmission in all the hospitals and medical centres in Kinshasa, Zaire. Of the 733 hospitals and medical centres surveyed, 62 (8.5%) transfuse blood. Of 3741 units of blood transfused in February 1990, 1045 (27.9%) were not screened for HIV infection. Eighteen out of 62 centres (29%) received HIV test kits on a regular basis. Twenty of the centres (32.3%) recorded HIV test results. Major blood group cross-matching was done by 9.7% (six out of 62) of the centres. Bacteriological results indicated contamination in 17% (four out of 23) of stocked blood units, 6.4% (four out of 62) of solutions for disinfections, and 22% (13 out of 59) of sterilized instruments (possessed by 59 centres only). Transfusion practices in Kinshasa are associated with considerable health risks. The establishment and appropriate supervision of HIV screening facilities should be integrated into primary health-care programmes in order to increase safe transfusions in Kinshasa.

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