Professeur MASHINDA KULIMBA DésiréProfessor at the University of Kinshasa Faculty of Medicine and School of Public Health since 2012 In the Department of Epidemiology and Bio Statistics And Director of ESP Kinshasa





1. Name: Mashinda Kulimba Désiré
2. Date of Birth: 14 March 1970  Nationality: DR-Congo

3. Education:

School, college and/or University Attended Degree/certificate or other specialized education obtained Date Obtained
University of Kinshasa PhD in Public Health 2012
University of Kinshasa, Faculty of Medicine Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences 2010
Kinshasa School of Public Health MPH 2004
University of Kinshasa Medical Doctor 2000

4. Employment Record:

From:                        2015 to present
Employer:                 Kinshasa School of Public Health
Positions held:          Director

From:                        2015 to 2018
Employer:                 University of Kinshasa, Faculty of Medicine
Positions held:          Vice Dean

From:                        2013 to present
Employer:                 University of Lubumbashi: Faculty of Medicine and School of Public Health
Positions held:         Visiting Professor: Demographic Statistics, Demographic Analyses and Emergency Management and Public Health in Disasters

From:                        2013 to present
Employer:                 Superior Institute of Statistics in Lubumbashi
Positions held:          Visiting Professor: Statistics

From:                         2012 to present
Employer:                  University of Kinshasa, Faculty of Medicine
Positions held:           Associate Professor: Statistics, Epidemiology, Research Methods and Scientific Writing

From:                        2012 to present
Employer:                 Kinshasa School of Public Health
Positions held:          Associate Professor: Statistics, Epidemiology, Quantitative Research Methods, Applied Informatics, Head of the field practice, Disaster Management and Humanitarian Emergencies

From:                          2004 to 2012
Employer:                   University of Kinshasa, Faculty of Medicine and School of Public Health
Positions held:           Senior Lecturer: Epidemiology, Bio Statistics, and Quantitative Research Methods Participation in severalsurveys and research as the following positions:
Investigator, controller, data entry and coding officer, collection supervisor, focus group facilitator, investigation assistant, investigator and principal investigator

5. Qualifications:

  • The three years spent at the top of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kinshasa have forged my personality. The daily experience is an excellent learning ground for leadership, human resource management, financial management and conflict. This function cannot be properly exercised without humility, modesty, consideration, openness and listening to the peers and collaborators that I have not stopped teaching and cultivating. These strengths have also been reinforced by several seminars and capacity-building workshops in human resource management lobbying and advocacy.
  • The renewal of the elective office for the position of Vice Dean was the result of: efforts, respect, the academic calendar and the climate of serenity maintained with the academic, scientific and administrative bodies – without forgetting the students. Teamwork with other members of the Dean´s Office has contributed to the visibility and good governance of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kinshasa.
  • Since 2002, the long years of service in a large School of Public Health and Research Center have allowed me to acquire a great experience in teaching and especially in research.
  • The deepening of theoretical knowledge of statistics, epidemiology, research methods and informatics was acquired through teaching activities. This theoretical knowledge was reinforced by ten years of practical implementation on the ground, in various quantitative and qualitative research carried out by the institution with the support of various donors and partners, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United Nations, United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), WHO, Family Health International (FHI), Tulane University, Global Fund, UNICEF, World Bank, John Snow Incorporated, GAVI, etc.
  • During these multiple research studies, I worked actively at all stages of the investigations, starting with being an investigator, a field supervisor, a controller, an assistant investigator, before being co-investigator and principal investigator in several researches and elaboration reports.
  • I also conducted several studies to completion with the production of reports, and often supplemented by the production of strategic or operational plans, on behalf of various partners.
  • My knowledge of computer science and bio-statistics is an important asset for the analysis of quantitative data. In fact, I have mastery of database management software, including Epi Info 6, Epi Info 2000 and Epi Data as well as quantitative data analysis software such as SPSS, NCSS, not to mention the QSR N6 for qualitative analysis. This knowledge in computer science is used daily in the analyses of the research carried out, as statistician analyst and data manager within the department of epidemiology and bio-statistics where I have been practicing since 2002.

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